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Parts are available for each machine model noted. If your machine model is not referenced, please contact us for further assistance. When you contact Mach Tools for parts or technical literature, please reference the brand, machine type, model, and serial number for quicker service.

Info for American Tool can be  reached at 1.210.641.7114.

NC & CNC Lathes Uniturn: 2514-3220, 2413-7050, 2413-4025W, 4025-7050, 9272;
Hustler: 2010; Challenger: 1515-4, 2815-2, 2820-2;
Panther: 2208-2, 2213-2, 2200-2; Eagle Lathes: 2000, 3000, 6000
Pacemaker (Manual) Lathes 14B(1610), 16C(2013), 20D(2516/medium duty), 20D-2(2516/medium duty), 20E(2516/heavy duty), 25F (2516-20), 25F-3(3220), 25F-6(3220-27), 25G(3220/heavy duty), 32H(3220-26), 32H-3(3220-29), 32H-6(3220-32), 32I(4025), 40J(4025-31), 40J-3(4025-34), 40J-6(4025-38), 40J-9(4025-41)
Early (Engine) Lathes High Duty Lathe, Super Productive Lathe
(Zip Shift) Manuals B, C, D, E, F, G, & Up
Tracer Lathes Planet 360, Scan-O-Matic 270, True-Trace, Turchan
Radial Arm Drills Hole Wizard Drills: 9 &11" 12&9SPD, 11-19" 32SPD,
8-19" Traveling Drill

Note: If you do not see your machine model listed, please contact us.

Service Phone: 1.210.641.7114

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Fax: 210.641.7933

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